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In retrospect, Chakrabarty says there were warning signs.

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One month later, Jayant packed her bags and returned to Delhi. After a party hosted by his parents, he screamed at me for 45 minutes because I had spent 10 minutes talking to another man.” Jayant says she was in shock, and afraid that the verbal abuse would escalate into physical violence.The couple’s divorce is now in the process of being finalised."It was clear we were not meant for each other"Marriage lasted: 3 years He was quick-tempered; she was impatient.It should have been a warning sign, but they saw it as a symbol of all they had in common."She also had mood swings, was depressed sometimes, then over-compensated by lavishing attention on me." Chakrabarty and his wife are among thousands of couples in India seeking to end their marriages in the first few months or years, ending up divorced before the age of 30.This is an unusual trend in a country where the divorce rate was just 1 in 1,000 ten years ago, and is still a relatively low 13 per 1,000 - as compared to the US average of 500 per 1,000.